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Is there a registration deadline?

Unlike many states, you can wait until Election Day to register in Minnesota. However, we encourage you to register before Election Day—it will save you time at the polling place.

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Above information is from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Website:  sos.state.mn.us/registration_FAQs


Saint Paul Senate Districts and House Districts 64, 65, 66, and 67

MN Senate District 64    MN HD 64A     MN HD 64B

MN Senate District 65    MN HD 65A     MN HD 65B

MN Senate District 66    MN HD 66A     MN HD 66B 

MN Senate District 67    MN HD 67A     MN HD 67B

Planning Districts or otherwise known as District Councils

St Paul Public Schools

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) are in Independent School District (ISD) 625.  The entire city is in one school district.

St Paul Public Schools (SPPS) ISD 625

St Paul Fire Department (SPFD)

St Paul’s Bravest are on-call 24/7/365.  When they are not training, fighting fires, helping to free motorists from car accidents, or providing immediate life-saving aid to people, they also give free blood pressure checks at the many Fire Stations around the City of St Paul.  The interactive map link below takes you to the SPFD’s website where there is more information about the department at a click away.

St Paul Fire Station Map

St Paul Crime Statistics Map

St Paul Police Department (SPPD) breaks up the City of St Paul into 3 Districts (Western, Central, and Eastern) and further into Crime Statistics Grids.  They track various crimes throughout the city.  We are providing a Crime Statistics Map (you can find where you live according to it), and the link to the Crime Statistics of the SPPD.

St Paul Police Crime Statistics Grid Map

Crime Incident Report

Crime Analysis Information

About Crime AnalysisCrime DefinitionsDemographicsOpen Portal Online Crime Incident Data

All information related to Neighborhood Crime Incident reports is now available on the City of St. Paul’s Open Information Portal.  You may use this link:

Link to Neighborhood Crime Incident Data

Report an Incident

This form will help us identify issues in your area – and address them quickly. Should a problem require urgent attention, please call us immediately at 651-266-8989. For a police emergency, dial 911.

All e-mail concerns will be investigated. If a violation is found, a compliance letter will be issued to the property owner. Depending on the type of violation, the City gives property owners time to resolve most violations; therefore you may not always see immediate results.

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Types of incidents you can report:

Abandoned Vehicles (report after 48 hours)
Animal Complaint
Ask a General Question
Complaint about City Employee
Discrimination Complaint
Fair Housing Complaint
Fire and EMS
Hazardous Parking
Human Rights
Loose or Protruding Manhole Cover
Noise Nuisance
Opinion (general)
Parking and Parking Meters
Police Issue
Property Maintenance
Rental Property Complaint
Right of Way Obstruction and Signs
Taxi, Unlicensed Taxi
Traffic Signals
Traffic and Road Signs
Vacant Buildings


SPPD Police Patch

Saint Paul Districts and Wards