District Councils

Get to know your District Councils…Ground Zero For Influencing Change In Saint Paul

St Paul District Councils

Saint Paul has a rich history of active and distinct neighborhoods. To support neighborhood participation in governance, the district council planning process was created in 1975. There are 17 district councils. Responsibilities of the councils include: planning and advising on the physical, economic, and social development of their areas; identifying needs; initiating community programs; recruiting volunteers; and sponsoring community events.

  1. Eastview – Conway – Battle Creek – Highwood Hills District 1 Community Council
  2. Greater East Side District 2 Community Council
  3. West Side West Side Community Organization
  4. Dayton’s Bluff Dayton’s Bluff Community Council
  5. Payne-Phalen Payne Phalen Community Council
  6. North End North End Neighborhood Organization
  7. Thomas-Dale/Frogtown Frogtown Neighborhood Association
  8. Summit-University Summit-University Community Council
  9. West 7th/Fort Road Fort Road Federation
  10. Como District 10 Como Community Council
  11. Hamline-Midway Hamline Midway Coalition
  12. St. Anthony Park St. Anthony Park Community Council
  13. Union Park Union Park District Council
  14. Macalaster-Groveland Macalester Groveland Community Council
  15. Highland Highland District Council
  16. Summit Hill Summit Hill Association
  17. Downtown Capitol River Council